"Astral Trio" (Japanese: ???, ???) is a collective term used to refer to the three powerful legendary Pokémon of the Estelia region: the Light / Fire-type Solar Pokémon, Solamasa, the Light / Ice-type Lunar Pokémon, Masamoone, and the Light / Electric-type Celestial Pokémon, Starsanagi. This trio of Pokémon is also known amongst fans as the Spatial Trio or Cosmic Trio.

All three members of the Astral Trio have a standard Forme called "Intergalactic Forme", as well as a second Forme known as "Universal Forme". In Intergalactic Forme, Solamasa, Masamoone, and Starsanagi have similar appearances, much like the members of other legendary trios. In Universal Forme, all three members of the Astral Trio become half Dark-type Pokémon.

Each Pokémon in the Astral Trio represents a particular object related to the concept of day and night:

  • Solamasa represents the sun.
  • Masamoone represents the moon.
  • Starsanagi represents the stars.

Starsanagi is revered as the Astral Trio's master in Estelia region mythology; it is the version mascot of Pokémon Eclipse Version, while Solamasa and Masamoone are the version mascots of the earlier Pokémon Dawn Version and Pokémon Dusk Version, respectively.


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Image Name Type Level Move Move Type
200px Solamasa Dark / Fire ??? ??? ???
200px Masamoone Dark / Ice ??? ??? ???
200px Starsanagi Dark / Electric ??? ??? ???

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