M20 - Pokémon the Movie: Abzolugon and the World's End
ゼタイゴン: エンド·オブ·ザ·ワールド
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Directed by The Pokémon Master
Produced by The Pokémon Master
Written by The Pokémon Master
Season Pokémon Movie
Running time 100 minutes
Budget Unknown
Japan Unknown
United States Unknown
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Pokémon the Movie: Abzolugon and the World's End (Japanese: ゼタイゴン: エンド·オブ·ザ·ワールド, Zetaigon: End of the World) is the twentieth Pokémon movie. It was first revealed on April 27, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST.

This Pokémon movie features the mythical Bedlam Pokémon, Abzolugon, as well as the other three members of the Ragnarok Quartet, Impertogon, Palisaegon, and Exsonigon. FUSEmon also have a prominent role in the film due to the nature of Abzolugon's creation (the fusion of Impertogon, Palisaegon, and Exsonigon).


Long ago, the Estelia region was ravaged by a great civil war. The aggressive people of Southern Estelia, tired of living in a world of endless night, attacked the more peaceful people of Northern Estelia, hoping to start their lives anew, bathed in the intense light of that area of the region's eternal day. Southern Estelia was guided by the legendary Offense Pokémon, Impertogon, while Northern Estelia challenged it with the legendary Defense Pokémon, Palisaegon. Impertogon and Palisaegon did battle together, their sole purpose in life being to destroy the other, but they were too evenly-matched for either to prevail. In Central Estelia, where day and night fall over the area in equal shares, there lived a group of pacifists whose city was doomed to be destroyed in the wake of the great war. They summoned the legendary Speed Pokémon Exsonigon to quell the fighting, but it was not as strong as Impertogon or Palisaegon and was almost destroyed by their destructive feud. Desperate to save the Estelia region, Exsonigon soon found new power and clashed with Palisaegon and Impertogon once more. This time, the three Pokémon fused, and a terrifying creature was born: the mythical Bedlam Pokémon, Abzolugon. A creature of pure evil embodying the chaos and destruction of war, Abzolugon proceeded to go on a rampage, destroying everyone and everything in its path. The world soon fell victim to Abozlugon's wrath, but two people alone survived the carnage. The light in their hearts overcame Abzolugon's darkness, separating the beast back into Palisaegon, Impertogon, and Exsonigon, who disappeared forever. The two humans, a man and a woman, went on to restore life to a more prosperous world.

Centuries later, Ash Ketchum and his friends encounter an evil man who desires to possess the powers of Abzolugon. To that end, he is searching for Palisaegon, Impertogon, and Exsonigon so that the trio may fuse once again to produce his prize. While the location of Impertogon and Palisaegon is unknown, Exsonigon has awakened early and has come to Ash begging for him to help stop this new threat. Ash agrees to aid the peaceful Pokémon, and the race to stop the recreation of Abzolugon begins...


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